Mallory Industries Closing South Sioux City Plant

Mallory Industries is closing shop in South Sioux City next month.

Mallory makes sponge Squeegees, plus snow and ice tools.

The company was bought out in July by Hopkins Manufacturing of Kansas.

The company decided Friday to close the South Sioux City plant in order to consolidate the manufacturing and distribution operations into the Kansas plant.

33 people work at the South Sioux City facility... and have the opportunity to move to Kansas.

"For those who do so, we would be pleased to welcome them," said Brad Kraft, President of Hopkins Manufacturing. "For those who can not, they will continue to work at the facility until it closes sometime in early to late March, after which time they would be eligible for separation pay, assistance with medical and dental, out placement services and other support that we've been working to provide to them."

The company says people have already started inquiring about a transfer to Kansas.

The owners say the closing had nothing to do with the performance of the employees or the facility itself.