Man Charged in Sac City Murder

Nearly five years after a Sac City, Iowa man's disappearance, police have arrested a suspect in his murder.

He was missing for three years, until his body was finally found in the basement of his own home. Now authorities say they know exactly what happened to Sac City's Mark Koster. Police even searched Koster's house when he went missing, but it wasn't until 2012 when a new homeowner who was remodeling finally discovered his body in the basement.

Now, a former house guest has admitted he killed Koster and hid the body. John Green was arrested in Florida and charged with first-degree murder.

Court documents say Green told authorities he killed Koster in June of 2009, after Koster attacked him with a wooden baseball bat. Green says he took the bat from Koster and hit him in the head. Then he got on top of Koster and crushed his throat with the bat.

Green says he stayed at the house for two or three more days before leaving for his father's home in Mississippi.

He says he left a note making it appear Koster had left Sac City and would return later.