Man In Custody After Standoff With Police

(SIOUX CITY, IA) - Sioux City Police said a 26-year-old man is in custody after officers and SWAT spent nearly 9 hours Wednesday morning in a standoff trying to get the suspect out of his relative's house.

It all started when a domestic disturbance call came in around midnight. Officers found him hiding in a relative's house on the 100 block of Helen Street in the Greenville neighborhood of Sioux City. Once they arrived at the scene, police said they had verified the man inside the home had a warrant for his arrest related to driving charges.

The house is owned by the suspect's relatives. Police said the man went to the relatives' home while the family was inside. Officers asked the suspect to come outside and talk to them for hours, but he refused.

Six people were inside the home and four of them walked out of the home shortly after police asked them to do so. One of the suspect's relatives stayed inside with the man.

"I heard the officer actually talking to the guy who drives the Mobile Command Post. He was telling the story of how when they went in, he was scrunched up, like kind of frozen, trying to hide in a little nook. And they just kind of jumped on top of him and he was screaming, 'I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm sorry,' for the longest time," said Michael Kaufman, a neighbor living across the street.

Neighbors call him "Poncho" and after holing up in his relative's house for more than eight hours, the SWAT team stormed in and arrested him.

Police broke all of the windows on the first floor of one side of the house in order to talk to the suspect. For a long period of time, they weren't able to communicate with him.

"They had a huge, I think it was a huge rod. They were just shoving it in the window, just smashing all of the windows out," said Kaufman.

Police first tried using distraction devices to get "Poncho's" attention. The noise scared neighbors.

"I thought it was a rifle, but Morgan here said it was a grenade-like," said neighbor, Mary Habben. "Stun grenade. We assume that's what it was," said her boyfriend, Jim Morgan.

All the commotion disturbed this usually-quiet neighborhood.

"We've been here 15-16 years and no, this doesn't happen around here," said Habben.

"We've all lived here since 1990; over 20 years. We all know each other," said Kaufman.

"When I'd seen the SWAT, that's why I knew it was a really bad situation. It was a very serious situation," said Habben.

A serious situation that could have turned much worse if police didn't use their training and expertise to end the situation peacefully.

"They received information from the other family members who were inside that he had armed himself with some firearm and he had told them that he was not going to come out."

Now he's behind bars and the family is left to clean up the mess.No one was hurt in the standoff.

Police are not releasing the suspect's name right now as they wait for charges. Charges are expected to be filed later this week.