Maryland Representative John Delaney Shares Thoughts on Syria

(SIOUX CITY, IA) While Representative John Delaney was in town supporting Jim Mowrer, a candidate vying for Iowa's 4th congressional district seat, he also gave a little insight into how the House and Senate are handling the debate over a military strike against Syria.

Delaney says a the House will vote next week on whether America should punish Bashar Al-Assad for using chemical weapons to kill more than 1,400 of his own people.
President Obama has said the attack would be strictly a missile strike with no boots on the ground.

Even still, members of the House and Senate are undecided and torn.
Delaney told Siouxland news he isn't ready to vote yes just yet.

"I think there's more work to do. I think I need to understand the implications of this action to the American People and to our interests internationally and I want to know what good is going to come from this. I don't think this discussion is actually about Syria anymore. It's about our response to chemical weapons which I think is the right way of framing our discussion because that really is the issue," said Delaney. "Because what's been going on in Syria for the last 18 months or almost two years is terrible and tragic, and we weren't going to do anything so this situation is really not about Syria it's about them violating its international norm that really has been around for 100 years and making sure there's consequences."

Delaney says the President could have simply gone ahead with an attack without approval from the House and Senate.

But he believes the debate is a good one and is bringing Republicans and democrats together for healthy discussions.