Fighting the Stigma: Mental Health in Siouxland

Numerous health agencies from Sioux City met at The Boys and Girls Home to talk about the issues surrounding mental illnesses in Siouxland. The day's efforts were a step to stomp out the stigma, or the negative associations people tend to make about mental illnesses. A number of agencies took the opportunity to discuss ways to educate the community so that they can advocate for funds and facilities to house those who are diagnosed with a mental illness. It's hoped that through this collaboration, Sioux City can become a leading voice in passing legislature to make sure patients are receiving the best care.Art Silva, President and CEO of Boys and Girls Home said "Mental health is okay, we can talk about it, we can help with mental health. Our goal is to make people contributing members, full contributing members in society. Things are getting better, but unfortunately the needs are increasing also, and they still need to be addressed." The group hopes to continue expanding their collaborative efforts to have a strong voice on their issues.