Meth Lab Bust in Galva, Iowa

(GALVA, IA) After an 8 month investigation the Storm Lake Police Department and Ida County Sheriffs Office arrested a Galva, Iowa, couple for meth possession.

But that's not all officials found when they searched their home.

It's like an episode of Breaking Bad except these guys actually got caught.

It all started after police were notified 52-year-old Jary Allen Streck and 36-year-old Joy Leam Streck purchased pseudoephedrine at the Wal-mart in Storm Lake.

For months now, officials say the Strecks have been purchasing large quantities of the drug and they think they couple used it to make meth.

"It wasn't necessarily the amount they were purchasing at one time, it was the fact that they were purchasing amounts on a continual basis for many months. More than what the average person would be purchasing for a head cold or allergies or that sort of thing," said Sheriff Wade Harriman, in Ida County.

Storm Lake Police quickly pulled the couple over at a Pronto Store off highway 110 - officials found the pseudoephedrine but they also found a bag of meth.
Officials took the two in for questioning but the investigation isn't over yet.

When police searched the home they found drug paraphernalia, drugs, and tools to make methamphetamine.

"Unfortunately I'm not shocked by it. You know, we know we're not unlike any other county in the state with the respect to the fact that we have a drug problem. And methamphetamine is certainly here and we know that," said Harriman.

But he says Iowa hasn't seen as many meth labs since the early 2000's. He says the pseudoephedrine law that went into affect in 2005 was a factor in that.
But Pharmacies help play a role in the reduction too.

"All the pharmacies have been really good about working with law enforcement to try and curb the manufacturing of meth across the state," he said.

The investigation is ongoing partly because officials do believe others are involved.

Both we're charged with conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine and Possession of pseudoephedrine with the Intent to Manufacture methamphetamine. Jary was also charged with Possession of meth.

Both were booked into the Buena Vista County Jail on a $100,000 cash bond each.

If you have any information that might help law enforcement with this case, you can call the Ida County Sheriffs Department.