Milwaukee Weiner House Temporarily Closes Doors

One Sioux City restaurant is closing its doors, packing up and moving to a new location.

The Milwaukee Weiner House is serving its last orders of hot dogs until early next week.

And if you haven't taken your place in line yet at the restaurant, you've only got a few days left to get the legendary hot dogs.

The traditional American restaurant is temporarily closing its doors to make room for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sioux City Construction, currently underway and set to be complete by Summer 2014.

Until their re-open, the small venue will shut down for about two months.

Relocation for the establishment is nothing new, having moved twice before since their opening.

For the Eliades brothers and co-owners, they say they're here to stay.

And for several customers, who lined up for lunch Thursday in anticipation of the close, they're happy for the business' opportunity to keep the establishment up and running.

"This is an institution. This is part of Sioux City for so long and those boys behind the counters are descendents just like traditionally and wonderful and that's what this town is about: the tradition, the wonderful things of the people. It's just awesome," said Suzanna Stickney, a long-time patron.

These traditions started in 1918 when the small walk-in opened its doors to railroad travelers and workers on what was known as the "Milwaukee Road."

Nearly a century later, the small restaurant, even with displacements, has still kept its place in this community.

Their current location of the Milwaukee Weiner House has served the community since 1974, where hundreds have passed through.

Now, the Sioux City staple will make the move and find a new place to call home.

Those plans are already complete.

The Hard Rock developer, Sioux City Entertainment, will build and finance a new, expanded building at Douglas and Third Streets, blocks away from their current place at Pearl and Third Streets.

And while the building may new, the product will remain the same.

"Just doing what we do. Just be positive and take care of the customers, have a quality product, and be prompt and that's about it," said Co-Owner Mike Eliades.

A simple work ethic and mantra that the Eliades' hope to bring back sometime late this Fall, around Thanksgiving.

The Milwaukee Weiner House will serve their last hot dog on Pearl, next Tuesday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. OR