Milwaukee Wiener House Re-Opens; Hard Rock Construction Continues to Affect Businesses

It's been the talk of the town for months.

"When's The Milwaukee Wiener House going to open again?"
Well, the day is finally here.
Siouxland News Reporter Beairshelle Edmé toured the new eatery and spoke with owners about how construction of the new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is affecting business downtown.
Word travels fast when it comes to the Milwaukee Wiener House .

What was supposed to be a soft open Wednesday turned into a well-attended affair.

"Actually we've been calling the past couple weeks and they've said 'next week, next week' and finally we called today and they said we're open so we got a hold of each other, came down here and had a great lunch," said Dave Conway, one of many customers chowing down on a dog. The delayed re-open has been months in the making, but the Eliades brothers say the wait for the new facility and its prime location was worth it. "It's amazing. People missed us; we missed everybody and boy, they came back with a vengeance today," said co-owner John Eliades. "We opened, without letting anybody know, we just unlocked the door, turned on the lights and they came." Blocks away, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is making its own progress. The Hard Rock is on track to open this summer and many surrounding businesses, like the Milwaukee Wiener House, say they're excited for the possibilities that could come from being next door to a downtown attraction. But, several other business owners say they're worried about the now. "A lot of people aren't aware that we're even here, let alone that the street's open and we're open. Um, I know that business has been down for a few of us for the last um few weeks," said Carli Long, tattoo artist and owner of the Electric Chair Tattoo. "Now, they put no parking signs on the other side of the street so they've limited us to five parking places in front of four businesses. It's not, it's not working," said Bergie's Bar Owner Rick Fowler. Despite their current concerns, both Fowler and Long said they're looking forward to the Hard Rock's opening and the revenue it may bring to the downtown business corridor.
Meanwhile, the Eliades brothers say they've been happy with the partnership between the Hard Rock and the Milwaukee Wiener House.
They hope that in the coming months, it'll be business as usual. The new location at 3rd and Douglas Streets has extended hours from 10a.m. to 7p.m.,Monday through Saturday.
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