Mom Tells Story of Attempted Carjacking with Child Inside

A Sioux City mom is warning other parents after a stranger climbed into her running car - like he was going to drive off with one of her kids inside. It happened here in Sioux City, on Tuesday, near 25th and Chambers street.

The ending to this story is a good one -- both boys are safe and sound with their mother but what happened was extremely shocking which is one reason why Anna Bootsma wanted to get her story out there. To warn other parents in the area to watch out.

"I was buckling him in," Anna Bootsma pointed out as she showed Siouxland News what happened that day.

It started like any other day. Anna Bootsma was getting her twin boys loaded into the car for a trip out. She had just put Charlie into his car seat and was on her way back in to the house to grab Isaiah. What happened next was something she couldn't even comprehend.

"I walked out to a guy in the driver's seat with the door wide open," said Anna.

She began screaming and put Isaiah onto the ground near the door, by the time she looked up the man started running. He escaped down an alley way across the street.

"I was shaking, I was freaking out. I was just scared, shaking, my voice was shaking," she said. "I just had all these thoughts about what could have happened in my head like what if he had shut the door and drove off?"

Anna called the cops and waited till they got there all the while scared the man would come back. He never did.

She told the police exactly what happened but wasn't able to give them a good description.

"I didn't really get any look at his face he was turned around before I even thought about it. I was more worried about getting to Charlie," she said.

Charlie was asleep in the back seat the entire time. It was one of the scariest experiences Anna has ever had. But she decided to share her story with us and on the Sioux City Community Watch Facebook page to hopefully prevent this from happening to anyone else.

"You wouldn't think the 30 seconds you go to grab the diaper back or the car seat or lock the door that somebody could get in and out that quick. We're going to make a new set of keys make sure we just lock it when we're starting it. I'm always making one trip, hard or not, I'm going to make one trip or bring the diaper bag first," she said.

We called Sioux City police - they confirmed Anna's story but say they're classifying it as a burglary, not an attempted kidnapping and they consider it inactive because they don't have enough information about the suspect.

Anna says the man was wearing a dirty pair of work jeans and a navy blue, zip up, baggy sweater. If you have any information, please call the Sioux City Police department at 712-279-6440.