More Construction Headaches For Siouxlanders

Things are getting a little crazy out there on the roads right now, with detours just about everywhere you go. There are several areas of construction you should be aware of, including projects on Hamilton Boulevard, Wesley Parkway, Nebraska and 10th Street, and even Singing Hills Boulevard.

All of these projects will be continuing on through the summer, so Sioux City engineers say everyone needs to slow down.

"Always just be cautious through these work zones, drive safely and watch out for the workmen," said Scott Logan, Senior Civil Engineer in Sioux City.

Watch out, because they are everywhere, working hard to get the construction projects in Siouxland on track.

"We have a lot of projects that will be starting up within the next two weeks. Some of the projects are downtown, some are on the west side, some are on the north side," Logan said.

The most recent project involves one of the main arteries through Sioux City, Hamilton Boulevard. Crews say the construction on Hamilton will begin at West 7th, and it will head all the way down to West 15th Street. They say that once this project is finished it will ease traffic to and from Wesley Parkway.

"Part of this project, we're gonna be widening Hamilton at this location to install left turn lanes, and widen it to a dual left turn so we have a smooth transition from Hamilton to the Wesley Parkway or a conduit to the downtown and to South Sioux City. It will be a great project once it's finished," Logan said.

But until then the construction may feel like a migraine for most. Some of the other ongoing projects are Nebraska and 10th Streets where they're replacing pavement and the underground utility infrastructure, and work on the Singing Hills Boulevard southbound bridge.

Logan expects construction on Hamilton Boulevard to wrap up sometime this fall, but construction on Wesley Parkway itself is expected to continue into next year.