Morningside Construction Causes Frustrating Traffic Detours

Weather isn't the only sticky situation they're facing in the Morningside area of Sioux City.

Months of construction is causing some frustrating traffic problems.
Drivers and home owners in Morningside say it's been months and months of confusing detours and close call collisions because of demolition work at the Washington Elementary School.

The summer construction has caused loads of road work and has resulted in several detours and confusion near the intersection of Glenn Avenue and South Saint Aubin Street.

In fact, as we interviewed one person, you could see confused drivers behind him. "There's so much construction. You know, especially it's really bad in the mornings, you know, like when school's going on, people are trying to get to work-- you know trying to see a school bus come through here meeting up with a city bus that's coming through here --you know I mean it's just bound to be an accident," said Brad Marr.
An accident is exactly what some people agree will happen here if a safe and direct way to their destinations isn't clear for drivers and many said an end to the construction would help too. The Sioux City Public Works Department says it's fielded a few calls with driver's concerns and they're working with DGR Contractors for the best solutions. "It's not always easy to be able to have to work around the detours, but I think generally the public has done a great job of it and again we've tried to be responsive to their concerns," said Public Works Director Jade Dundas. Officials hope drivers will continue to be patient as the renovations finish.
The school's construction is estimated to finish in October when officials hope routes will be back to normal.
If you have complaints or suggestions about the Morningside construction or traffic issues, you can contact the Public Works Department.