Move-In Nightmare: Burglars Steal Cash and Belongings

(SIOUX CITY, IA) - We all know moving can be a lot of work, but what if the stuff you just moved in disappears? That's the situation three young Sioux Citians are facing.

The money for their rent deposit, cameras, clothes and cell phone all gone. The college-age friends were moving from their old apartment into a home on 21st Street and Virginia Street.

When they left the house around 10:30 p.m. Sunday night to move the rest of their things, the trio forgot to lock the doors. When they returned, they got a couple of big surprises.
"There was a bed right here and Luke said something about how the blankets were on the floor and he didn't put them on the floor because obviously it's my comforter and stuff. We didn't want that sitting on the floor," said Tayler Davis pointing to the living room floor. Davis moved into a bigger place over the June 1 weekend. She and her two roommates were moving their belongings from their old apartment Sunday when they realized something felt fishy. "It was just like this. And that door we've always kept that closed," said Davis showing the back door ajar. That's when panic struck. "And then Luke goes, 'Uh Chaleli!' and then we all went in there and saw their room. And I got the flashlight and got to mine because of course it was pitch back. So we couldn't see what was moved," said Davis. $425 cash once stashed away in Luke's duffle bag, gone.
"And then we came in my room and the drawers to my dresser were open kind of like they are now and that whole thing was open and torn. Stuff was thrown out of it," said Davis as we toured the house. "They didn't have very much time to do it. We weren't gone for longer than - the most an hour if that," said her roommate Chaleli Weitzel. Chaleli's boyfriend Luke spotted headlights outside the house. That's when Tayler saw an SUV pulling out of the driveway and a dark car pulled up next to the SUV. "And then I opened the door because my dog started barking and walked out. And two boys looked at me. They looked young and the back seat window was down. There were boys in the back, too. And the one just looked at me and ran away and went up the street. And the other one went down the alley in the cars," said Davis.
Number one lesson the girls want to teach everyone is to make sure you lock your door no matter how long you're gone. "Obviously people are paying attention and out there to find stuff and get stuff out of people. I mean my brain doesn't work that way, but apparently some people do I guess," said Davis.
Tayler thinks the dark car was a Dodge Intrepid. That's just one piece of information she gave to police. Officers have not arrested any suspects in this case yet. If you have any information, please call Crime Stoppers at 712-258-TIPS (8477).