Murder Suspect Martin Castellanos Captured in Sioux City

You'd think he'd have fled the area, but a Sioux City murder suspect has been captured in broad daylight in the city.

20 year old Martin Castellanos, one of Siouxland's Most Wanted, was arrested this afternoon just a couple blocks away from West High and West Middle School.

He was wanted for Sunday's killing of Adrian Rojas Hernandez at a West side home, then dumping and burning the body in a ditch near Sioux Falls.

Earlier in the afternoon police got a telephone tip that led them to the suspect's abandoned vehicle in the 1700 block of Morningside Avenue.

"As a result... officers were deployed to various areas in town where we had suspicion that he may be at. And as a result he was apprehended in the 2300 block of West 19th," said Sioux City Police Chief Doug Young.

Castellanos surrendered without incident, and no weapon has been found. The chief says they still haven't determined a reason for the fatal shooting.

"No we do not (have a motive). This is the process we're going through now. We're interviewing him and we'll find out what the motive was," Young said.

Castellanos was arrested shortly after three o'clock, about an hour after police received that tip about the vehicle.

His capture makes him Most Wanted Capture #280.