Murderer Adam Moss Found Dead In Jail Cell

A man who admitted brutally killing seven Sioux Citians... five of them children... has now taken his own life.

It was the worst killing spree in Sioux City history.

In August of 2001 Adam Moss slit his girlfriend Leticia Aguilar's neck, and used a hammer to kill her five children in a home at Third and West Streets.

It was a gruesome scene that shocked even veteran police officers.

Moss also admitted killing Sioux City businessman Ron Fish at Fish's Northside home. Moss had once worked for Fish.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to seven life terms.

The 35-year-old Moss was found hanging with a bed sheet around his neck tied to a wall vent late yesterday afternoon at the state penitentiary in Fort Madison.

He had been confined to the Clinical Care Unit where inmates with psychiatric issues are assigned.

At the time, the gruesome murders sparked debate about reviving the death penalty in Iowa.