Muskies Voice Concern About Officials

After game two of the Western Conference Finals where 58 penalty minutes were called on Sioux City, head coach Jay Varady and GM Luke Strand raised their concerns to USHL referee supervisor Mark Faucette. The conversation between the three began civil, discussing one particular play toward the end of the game.After Varady and Strand voiced their issue, Faucette then told the two that the officials were just "kids."Strand responded, saying the players are the kids and the referees should be the adults.Faucette then said he didn't want to hear about mistakes being made, because Sioux City made plenty during the game.It was then he claims, he realized members of the media were recording the conversation and tried to blame their presence on Strand.None of the media present was informed by anyone of this impromptu conversation prior to it happening.Siouxland News reached out to the USHL's director of Communications Brian Werger and he said "there's really no need to release a statement. Our supervisors regularly have discussions with coaches and GM's."