Nebraska Helmet Law: Should It Be the Riders Choice?

(SOUTH SIOUX CITY, NE) There's no denying a helmet can save your life while riding a motorcycle but should riders have the choice to wear one? Nebraska lawmaker Dave Bloomfield has introduced a bill that would repeal the state's strict law for those 21 and older.

Nebraska - the good life and on days like this when the sun's shining Greg Chicoine, Owner of Champion Cycle in South Sioux City likes to get on his bike and ride.

"I grew up racing motorcycles, still do, at a fairly high national level and I've crashed many many times at very very high speeds and helmets have no doubt saved my life many times," he says.

He also sells bikes and encourages all his customers to wear a helmet. Under Nebraska law it's illegal to ride a motorcycle without one.

If you're caught without one of these you could be looking at a $50 fine and a $25 court fee.

For bikers like Greg hitting the road is liberating a reason why some want to ride without restriction.

"It certainly infringes on personal freedoms and I think motorcycle riders maybe as much as any element in society kind of embody that personal freedom that we're blessed with here," says Chicoine.

State Senator Dave Bloomfield agrees and says Nebraska is missing out on millions of tourism dollars.

"There are many riders in this area that absolutely won't ride into Nebraska simply because of the helmet law," says Chicoine.

14-year-old Chris Konidas is picking up his first bike and says no matter the money he plans on using head gear at any age.

"I think the brain is the most important part and that's the best way to protect it - with a helmet," says Konidas.

The bill was introduced in January, and if it passes through the transportation committee it then moves on to the full legislature.

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