Shepherd's Garden Nears Fundraising Goal

A long-time eyesore in downtown Sioux City is about to get a major makeover.The site of the former YWCA has been abandoned for years, with old concrete, rock, and weeds covering the area next to the First Presbyterian Church. But now an effort to build what is being called "Shepherd's Garden" has gotten a big boost from Vision Iowa. The board has awarded the project a $140,000 grant, which will put organizers almost near their $800,000 goal.Garry Smith, leader of the fundraising committee, tells Siouxland News some money still needs to be raised. He says repairs still need to be made in an alley between the church and the garden. He also wants to establish an endowment that would help pay for garden's maintenance.Smith says work should begin within a few weeks, and planting should be finished in September.