New Pope Gains Support From Sioux City Catholics

(SIOUX CITY, IA) - The head of the Sioux City Catholic Diocese and a couple of parishioners commented on the new Pope soon after the announcement.

They're all thrilled about the new Pope who they say brings a love for the poor and becomes the first Pope from "The New World".
"There's something about him. I just got the chills when you saw him because you know he was the right man. The humility of him standing there, just letting God take care of him. You just know that's what he's going to do," said Bishop R. Walker Nickless. "He himself gave up living in the Cardinals mansion and lived I believe in a one-bedroom apartment and used a wood stove and cooked for himself and took public transportation. So I think that says a lot about his concern for the poor," said parishioner Mary Kulawik. "I just happy we have a Hispanic Pope because I'm Hispanic and I love talking Spanish," said Maria Mojica, a teenage parishioner.
St. Francis was known for giving up wealth and living among the poor and the animals. All three agree the name Francis fits the new Pope's personality.