New Security Measures at Courthouse Came Into Effect

Friday was the first day running the new security system at the Woodbury court house.

The new security measures were approved by the Board of Supervisors earlier this summer. The measures include restricting entry to the building to the North Entrance across from the Law Enforcement Center, passing through a metal detector, and searches of all bags coming into the building.

The new Courthouse Security Supervisor says there were a few hiccups early this morning, but the key is to make sure the new system is easy to pass through. "To understand what we are trying to do is try to keep everybody that in here weather it's an employee or visitor safe and secure. But also to make sure that is not inconvenience to come to the courthouse. The courthouse is owned by the taxpayers of Woodbury County. We want to make secure that anybody that wants to or has to come in and have access to it," said Courthouse Security Supervisor, Marty Pottebaum. The new security measures and staff are still being challenged by the sheriff's deputies union, which says it violates their contracts with the county.