New South Dakota Bill Would Put A Stop Traffic Camera Collection Agency for SD Drivers

The backlash against Sioux City's traffic camera is now crossing state lines.

South Dakota State Senator Dan Lederman of Dakota Dunes (R- District 16) is co-sponsoring House Bill 1122 that would make it illegal for collection agencies to come into the state and collect money from South Dakota drivers who've received citations in Sioux City.
Currently, the Mount Rushmore state doesn't use traffic or speed cameras and Lederman says the state shouldn't have to subject its citizens to paying fines for tickets drivers can't contest fairly in court. "They're frustrated. They're frustrated that Sioux City is trying to create a revenue source out of the driving through their district through their area. They're frustrated with the lack of due process. They're frustrated with having to shoulder the burden of proof when they try to go to court," said Lederman. The senator says trialing these violations as a civil case doesn't force Woodbury County or Sioux City to prove the driver's guilt.
Lederman hopes the bill will help Sioux City realize it's unnecessary to use the cameras.
And he hopes the City will go back to using police officers to maintain public safety.
The South Dakota legislature will also be working on House Bill 1100.
The bill plans to "prohibit the use of certain photo radar speed detection systems and of certain photo monitoring devices to detect red light violations."
The House plans to vote on HB 1122 sometime next week.
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