New Space Needed for Sioux City's Cone Park

Construction of the new Hard Rock Casino means plans to build a downtown park will have to be changed. Cone Park was supposed to be built on some of the land now being used by the casino at the west end of Third Street.

Two new sites have been proposed. One them is on the riverfront just east of where the Argosy Casino is located. The other is on the southwest corner of Third and Virginia Streets where the former Postal Union Credit Union is up for sale.

The proposed park will be at least two acres in size and have a skating rink, water features and an amphitheater.

Cone Park committee chairman Craig Berenstein told us "Just as the Hard Rock is identifying itself as a destination facility, we've identified the Cone Park and Ice Skating facility as a destination location. We envision families, and young adults, and children coming to the facility on a daily and weekly basis. Coming down to congregate as a place to meet and to have fun."

The Cone Park Design and Construction Advisory Committee will meet Wednesday to select a location.

The city council must approve the recommendation.