New Treatment for Skin Cancer

It was more of a vanity thing to get a mole removed that could be seen in swim wear that got Julie Shelton to the dermatologist. She was shocked however, when almost immediately she was told that she had to be scheduled for a cancer screening. She is now however, a remarkable success story, cured of malignant melanoma, according to doctor Nagla Karim, the most deadly form of skin cancer that had already spread. She credits that success to a medical team that simply would not give up, but also to a type of treatment that those with skin cancer may not have heard about, it is commonly referred to as IL 2 or interleuken two, and to the right person it could make all the difference in survival. "its immunotherapy, and it attacks that cancer cells, but at the same time it makes the human body fight that cancer through it's immunity," said Dr. Nagla Karim. IL 2 has been around for awhile, but Dr. Karim says it's now getting new attention. Because when compared to other treatments, a recent review found those such as Julie Given IL 2 ten to fifteen years later they were alive and doing well. Julie Shelton says without it, she would not have seen her daughter grow up "I think i am a stronger person, i think my daughter is a stronger person for seeing me go through it, dont cry." Her daughter Maddy Shelton says however, she is the lucky one for what her mom showed her along the way, "she's shown me to be myself and not to have other people who i am,, and not to have something define me."