Norfolk Fuel Mix-Up Leaves Drivers Frustrated

Three Norfolk gas station say a company that supplies them fuel put diesel into the underground tanks set aside for unleaded gasoline.

And that's not good for the folks who filled up.

"We needed gas we went to the gas station and filled up and drove across town home and everything was fine and we went out to turn it on and it wouldn't start," said Leona Maseman and Richard Pfeifer of Norfolk.

It's not exactly how you picture Labor Day. While most travelers for the holiday worried about gas prices today, some drivers in Norfolk, Nebraska faced another issue at the pumps.

A shipment by NuStar Energy pumped diesel gas into the unleaded pipelines of several gas stations within the region.

Two Casey's and one Shell station in Norfork received the bad batch early this morning, and customers whose cars now have the diesel face serious consequences.

The results of today's mix-up means that cars filled with the diesel gas will start to malfunction that can mean anything from the fuel pump not working to the engine not starting.

The cost of these repairs will vary depending upon the make and model of the affected vehicle, and the damages, some which may be irreversible.

Now drivers affected by the diesel will have to have their vehicles repaired or tossed.

The owners we spoke with today hope they will be able to save their car.

A similar situation also happened at a gas station in Columbus, Nebraska today.

We're told all of the stations are working to pump the tanks clean and replace the fuel.

If you find that you've accidentally put diesel in a gasoline engine, shut the car off immediately and get it towed to a mechanic or to your home before you do any more damage.