Police Investigating Burglaries in Northside of Sioux City

(SIOUX CITY, IA) There's been a string of burglaries in the northside neighborhood of Sioux City. But the Sioux City Police department isn't releasing any detailed information on the incidents.

The Sioux City Police Department says anywhere from 6 to 8 burglaries have happened in the northside neighborhood of Sioux City.

One victim said police told them they were at least the 11th break-in in the last few weeks.
We asked the police department for an on-camera interview to get more information on a possible suspect but the lieutenant in charge refused.

"I'm going to wait and see if identifications decides if it wants to release that information," said Lieutenant Mark Kirkpatrick, from the Sioux City Police Department.

Here's what we do know: the burglars are targeting unlocked homes, stealing quick-to-grab items like laptops, purses and wallets.

The victim also said the burglar entered the house while everyone was asleep, late at night, stealing things from rooms without even waking the dog.

One of the latest burglaries happened at McDonald and Morrison, but neighbors say they don't want to go on camera because they say they didn't even realize the burglaries were happening. Even still one neighbor said he saw a few kids hanging out near Morrison and McDonald that he'd never seen before. Another neighbor said several cops live close by and that it wouldn't be too wise to rob any houses in the area.

We took to Facebook to see if anyone has seen anything suspicious - Amy Dvorak says she heard about a robbery in the area earlier in the year. Her neighbors purse and wallet were stolen and found in a trash can shortly after. But the M.O. is the same - it took place at night, in an unlocked home while the homeowners were there.

The Police Department is asking residents to lock all doors and windows and make sure you have adequate lighting outside your home.

If you'd like to join in on the conversation, we've asked for the publics help in finding any recent victims who'd like to share their story:

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