Local Man Meets President Obama for the Second Time

It was a day to remember for one Alta, Iowa man who was just a couple hundred feet away from the President during the inauguration.

Rob Hach is a Republican who says choosing someone for office should not be decided by party line. And, he says that way of thinking was shared by thousands of people today from the front lawn of the U.S. Capitol building to right here in Siouxland.

Looking out on a sea of people, Robert Hach was among the thousands who attended the 57th presidential inauguration.

"In his first inaugural speech, he said it's not a nation of red states or blue states, we are the United States of America and he reiterated that today," says Rob Hach, Founder & President of Anemometry Specialists, Inc.

Hach is a Republican at heart, always has been. But, he's a strong believer in renewable energy, a common interest he shares with President Obama.

"What I was going to do if the republican candidate wasn't going to support renewables, and I have to decide whether or not I am going to be laying off employees, or maybe looking into the democratic candidate," Hach says.

Not only did he end up voting for President Obama in 2012, he introduced him during a campaign stop at Morningside College; his way of dissolving the party line.

"I think the two parties create more of a divide, than the voters. I don't think there is as much of a divide among the voters as there is amongst the representatives and the legislators," he says.

The celebration of the President's second term, also made its way to Siouxland. Local democratic leaders and party members filtered into a watch party.

"We're hoping to just, celebrate the good fortune of re-electing Obama, as well as reflect on what this means for the Country," says Greg Guelcher, Chair for Woodbury County Democratic Party.

Four more years of a historic presidency, as Americans celebrate a nation built on democracy.

Greg says, he hopes to one day attend a presidential inauguration in person and check that off his bucket list.

Once Hach returns from Washington, he'll continue his work toward growing renewable energy in the state from his seat on the board of directors for the newly formed Iowa Wind Energy Association.