One Couple Shows Their Love by Planting Roots

(NORTH SIOUX CITY, SD) a Siouxland couple has a love story that will forever be linked to North Sioux City.

It's here at this North Sioux City park just behind City Hall and the North Sioux City Library where Erin Warnecke and her now fiancé Andrew Nilges began growing as a couple.

"He would bring me lunch every once in a while at my lunch hour and we would sit at this table and I would just think about how sunny it is here," says Erin.

A good place to have a big shade tree - but that's not where this story starts.

Erin works at the library and is a volunteer for the North Sioux City Parks Board and the board hopes to change and beautify the city's parks.

"We're in the process of putting together a five year plan and that not only includes this park but all five city parks and one of the things that we want to do is we want to upgrade in terms of the different equipment that we have. We hope to just make it more usable and more friendly," says Brian Damon, a member on the board.

Part of that process is adding more trees, planting roots and making the parks more welcoming. That's where Erin's idea began to grow.

"Oh I'm sure I'll hold a special place in my heart for these trees," says John Nilges.

This is Andrew's father, John and his job is to pick up these two maple trees from Earl May and haul them to Davenport in time for Erin and Andrew's Wedding. These two trees will be part of the ceremony.

"I just hope to get them over there in one piece, and then my jobs done," says John.

Once these two are married, one will be planted in Walcott, Iowa, where Erin's from. The other will be planted in North Sioux City.

"I like to think we have this tree, about the same age, growing up and we could come here and visit and say hey that's our tree. As our love grows the tree's growing," says Erin.

"It's a story of love, it's a story of connection, it's a story of volunteerism and it's a story of gifting," says Damon.

Planting roots and giving back to the place where their love flourished.

Erin and Andrews wedding is this weekend in Davenport. Afterwards, Andrews dad John will bring one of the trees back to be planted.