Pearl Street Businesses Not Happy With Hard Rock Street Plan

(SIOUX CITY, IA) The changes on Pearl Street have come under fire from some people in the neighborhood including Rick Bertrand who has redeveloped a number of older buildings on Pearl Street into new places to eat and drink.

He's worried any changes to Pearl Street would cut traffic to the growing, downtown neighborhood.

Bertrand voiced his concerns to City Council tonight in hopes the city would hold off on making a decision.

"I think we all think that this is a last minute deal. I'm still trying to figure out what map we're going off of. We're going to waive our three readings and to this day I don't even see an updated map. I've got to red line that was drawn through staff and we're all just going to say, we're going to vote on it cause the votes are in and we got to keep the ship moving. That's not how economic development works that's called sloppy and that's how mistakes are made. And we don't want to slow this project up but let's get it right, lets get it together," says Bertrand.

Bill Warner of the Hard Rock says he understands Bertrand's concerns and says he wants to work together to make everyone happy.