Penn National Launches Billboard Campaign Against MRHD

There's a new front in the fight between the Argosy Casino and its nonprofit partner.

Penn National, the owner of the Argosy, has bought three billboards around Sioux City which say Missouri River Historical Development, which owns the gaming license for Woodbury County, doesn't dish out enough money to the community.

The billboard says MRHD spent $200,000 on legal fees against Penn National, ruining the company's reputation.

"After having so many good years of operations in the county and so many good years of operation in the state, we were a good neighbor, a solid operator, without any kind of malfeasance on our record, and so they destroyed our reputation, they've destroyed the lives of our employees and so it's time for the other side of the story to come out," said Karen Bailey with Penn National Gaming.

When we asked how much money Penn has spent on lawyers suing MRHD, the company refused to say.

The Argosy will continue to operate until its replacement, the new Hard Rock Casino, opens next year.