People Voice Opinions and Concerns to Sioux City Police

(SIOUX CITY, IA) Most people don't' want to meet a police officer for the first time while pulled onto the side of the road.

That's one reason why the Sioux City Police Department held a citywide town hall meeting tonight at the Public museum.

People got a chance to voice their opinions and concerns to officers in their district. It also gives the police a chance to create a partnership with the community and all questions were welcomed.

"Usually at the top of folks list is traffic. And you'd expect a violent crime or concerns about that to be higher on the list but I think it's a testament to the fact that people feel safe here," says Lt. Rex Mueller with the Sioux City Police Department. "This is a great town to live in but other things like quality of life issues, issues that people wouldn't necessarily think are police related functions like un kept houses, inspections concerns where we can direct them or other city departments to get those resolved."

Mueller says the next step is for officers to start dealing with the concerns and suggestions from the people in their policing district.