Pilot Training Course Brought to Sioux City

If it seems like we've in all sorts of different planes over the past few weeks, that's because we have. But today is a little different.

And it could provide a big boost to Sioux City. "We can get people from off the street coming in here and we take you from and start from ground zeroeventually working you all the way through you're A-T-P," said Chief Flight Instructor Kelly Ross. This new class trains would-be-pilots interested in the field of aviation. Now even though students start out in much smaller planes, they can eventually make their way up to a Beach 1900 Turbo Jet. Pilot shortage is a problem across the country, but Aviation Career Education Solutions, or ACES, is looking to make sure this problem isn't a permanent fixture to Siouxland. And flight instructor Salvador Mejia thinks the program has a chance to be very successful. "When I was here I had to go to Florida to get my ratings. If there was a program here then I would've stayed here and done it. That way you don't have to spend time away from your family, worry about living expenses and rent. I had to get an apartment over here. If I could've done it here in Sioux City, I would've saved a lot of money in the long run," said Mejia. This may be a new program to the area but the class provides the same training that other aviation programs provide. "I came from another 141 school and we're doing pretty much the same exact thing here. We've got the curriculum, syllabus and we've got the same amount of training that's just as good as others in the country," said Mejia. And now Sioux Citians have the chance to follow their dream of flying right in their own backyards. The class technically started last Tuesday but only one student was in attendance. Ross expects between 3-4 in the class tonight with more in the future. Realistically, students that want to fly commercially can expect to take about 5-years to complete the F-A-A requirements. Those interested can contact Aviation Career Education Solutions for more details.