Plymouth Co. House Fire Devastates Family

By Heather Leigh, KMEG 14 News

PLYMOUTH COUNTY, IA - The fire broke out around lunch time at a home located across the river from Jefferson, South Dakota, just off of 298th Street. The house was extremely damaged, but we still don't know how bad it really is.

Fortunately, no one was home when the fire started.

The Akron Fire Department is still trying to piece together how that home north of Sioux City caught fire.

Firefighters say the first call came in around noon. When we spoke to the homeowner, he said he received a phone call around lunch time from his neighbor, saying there was smoke coming from the roof.

The homeowner said he rushed home and immediately called the fire department.

He was too distraught to talk to us on camera.

It took more than an hour to put out the blaze. It was so big that firefighters from the Jefferson, South Dakota and Hinton, Iowa Fire Departments were called to help put it out. When we arrived the house was still burning and there was smoke coming from the top. The firefighters were working to get the blaze under control, but when we left the fire was still not yet under control.

The cause is still under investigation and there's no estimate yet on the cost of the blaze.