Police Offer Safety Tips to Employee in Light of Save-A-Lot Stabbing

Tuesday's stabbing at the Save A Lot grocery store is raising concern for employee safety.

Police said the incident took place on the 1700 block of Pierce Street after suspects, 27-year-old Corderro Simpson and 31-year-old Bobbi Medina were found trying to shoplift beer.
They said store employee Dean Knight was later stabbed by Simpson with a kitchen knife.
While these types of incidents are rare, authorities note there are things all retail or store employees can use to stay safe and be prepared. "If you're gonna confront someone, it's probably better to have more than one person there to do it and if things start to go bad, you can always back away and let them go. We just, we don't want to see people get hurt over property," said Crime Prevention Officer Chad Sheehan. This most recent incident follows previous criminal activity at the same location.
Just more than a year ago, a Select Foods employee was also assaulted by a shoplifter with a crow bar.
Police said the incidents are isolated and not key top the location; nonetheless, employees should always remember to put personal safety first.
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