Police: Shooting Suspect Had Help

(SIOUX CITY, IA) - As day four of the search for shooting suspect Jamal Dean wraps up, police are now revealing they know he had help. Police Chief Doug Young says other people in Sioux City helped Dean and they will face consequences.

Chief Young says his department has received more than 100 tips since Monday. Most of them through Crime Stoppers and other contacts on the streets. He says they will find Jamal Dean because so many people are looking for him.
Nearly 80 hours have passed since police say 21-year-old Jamal Dean shot an officer and ran off. "He did get some help from here in Sioux City and like I said before those people will be brought to justice, also," said Chief Young. Officer Kevin McCormick was shot in the head, but is expected to be back on the streets protecting Sioux City. "He chose the right avenue and that was to flee. And throughout the whole process he resorted to his training," said Chief Young. McCormick believe it or not was calm as can be. "To maintain composure his through this whole thing is just unbelievable," said Chief Young. Now the search to seek out Dean has gone nationwide. "Information is going to larger metropolitan areas around Sioux City in the region: Omaha, Kansas City, Chicago, all those areas and we're getting help," said Chief Young. Jamal Dean's family was willing to speak out and plead for Jamal to turn himself in. The police department tips its hat to them. "Anything that can be done to bring this person into custody without any harm to anybody else we definitely look forward to and appreciate. I hope it works," said Chief Young. He says police are definitely closer than they were just a few days back. "Time's on our side and he will eventually get caught. There's no doubt about it," said Chief Young.
As for Officer McCormick, Chief Young says he could be back to work as early as Monday. We'll be sitting down with him this weekend and you'll hear his story right here on Siouxland News.