Prepping for Winter Weather

Now's the time to make sure you've got the tools to meet mother nature head on.

Local stores such as Menards have been preparing for a month to make sure they're stocked at a moment's notice to combat our unpredictable Midwest winters.

Things like shovels, snow throwers, and ice melt are always on the top of peoples' lists.

And one thing you don't want to do is be a last-minute shopper.

"As soon as we talk snow that puts a little panic in everybody to get out... especially the first one of the year. We're happy to get you helped out and get you safe this season," said Menards General Manager Brian Krysl.

Another important thing to be thinking about is getting your vehicle ready for the snow.

"Something that you might not think of is the sand and the weight. The traction sand that you need for your vehicles, cars, trucks. We'll definitely have a good supply of that on hand and be ready to go for the weather that's coming up here," Krysl said.

And always plan on taking more time to travel safely during the winter.