Puppy Saves Couple from Fire

A puppy named Toby, a pit-bull lab mix, saved his owner, JeremyAldrich and his girlfriend from a fire.

Given as a Christmas present to the girlfriend, Toby startedbarking about 5 a.m. Thursday, and he would not stop. Aldrich gotten out of bedto see what the commotion was about; that's when he saw the fire's glow thatsoon burst into flames at the back of the house.

KCCIreports the couple was able to escape uninjured and no injuries werereported among the firefighters on the scene.

Fire investigators said the flames started because a ceramicfire pit had been used on a wooden deck the night before. The heat from the bottomof the pit ignited the wood.

Aldrich stated he used the pit many time in past and evenpoured water on the fire pit before he went to bed.

The house sustained extensive water and smoke damage.