Quatro Expansion Brings Lt. Gov. To Orange City

A cutting edge business is looking to expand in Orange City, and got a visit from Iowa's Lieutenant Governor today.

Quatro Composites produces carbon fiber components for the aerospace, medical, and military industries.

It currently has nearly 100 employees, and is planning a $13 million expansion that would double its workforce and increase production.

"We've been pleased that a lot of our customers around the United States and the world have been increasing their order activity over the last 2 years, and we've landed some very significant contracts in commercial aerospace, so those are longer term contracts, so it's giving us the opportunity to expand our business over the next 3, 4, 5 years," said Quatro Composites CEO Steve Roesner.

Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds' visit ties into her support of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Advisory Council, whose goal is to add new jobs in high-tech industries.

"It's those kinds of jobs that provide a higher income, that's where the growth is going to be, as we continue to work towards new jobs in the state of Iowa," Reynolds said.

Quatro hopes to begin its expansion project this summer.