Quilting Guild Puts On Biennial Sioux City Show

If you're getting a little chilly as the seasons change, the Siouxland Samplers Quilt Guild may have just what you need to warm up this winter. The Guild is having their biennial show this weekend featuring several international quilters, including famous quilter Ami Simms.
The show will also include a special presentation and auction of the Alzheimer's Art Quilt, whose proceeds will help support several causes associated with the disease and research.
Members and judges expect a great show and turnout. "It's visual, it's tactile. You get to feel the quilts and there.. it's just honestly fascinating," said Jennifer Perkins, national quilting association certified quilt judge. The show will take place Saturday and Sunday at the Sioux City Convention Center, where there will be several competitions and silent auctions. To learn more about the show and the group, visit the following websites: OR