Reactions to Police Shootings Across America

From the moment word spread that a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri shot Michael Brown - people took to the street. There has been a rush to judgment, a feeling many have of knowing exactly what happened and who is at fault - all without the benefit of a thorough investigation."People are so angry they are tired. You can only put your foot on somebody's neck for so long - only two things are gonna happen. One, the person is going to submit and gonna die, or that person is going to get up and knock your foot off of him," said Police Sergeant, Louis Hobson Jr. But some 13-hundred miles away from Ferguson in Salt Lake City, Utah - another deadly police shooting claimed the life of a young man.

It happened nearly two weeks ago but few outside of salt lake know about it. There's been no widespread protests, because an investigation into what happens continues. How does that happen in this day of social networking immediacy?

"There is so much going on across the country at the same time. It is hard to be in multiple places, raising the fist in multiple jurisdictions," said Attorney, J Wyndal Gordon. Noted Attorney, J. Wyndal Gordon is an expert on police misconduct cases - he makes it part of his business to know something about every police shooting in the United States. "I didn't even know the media was reporting on it and I troll the internet cause these issues are very important to me and because they bother me," said Gordon. "Gordon suspects that if the media chooses to cover the shooting in salt lake like they have in Ferguson - soon enough there will be loud voices and demonstrations in that community. Instead, the community is waiting for a complete investigation," said Reporter, Kristine Frazao.

Louis Hobson Junior, a veteran police sergeant, says regardless of whether the media covers all police shootings or a select few - minorities believe racism is alive, well and overflowing in the U.S.

"We have never made race a priority in this country, in this city, in policing, and if you make it a priority some of these issues will just go away," said Hobson.If not, Hobson says we are going to see more Fergusons' and by comparison they could turn even uglier for America.