Red Cross Launches "Holiday Mail for Heroes" Campaign

The Red Cross has kicked off its Holiday Mail for Heroes campaign.

People are being given the opportunity to stop in and either create a holiday card, or write on a pre-made one.

These letters will be sent to our troops serving in Germany. The group has been doing this for seven years, and this year they're focused on having other groups in the community get involved to extend their reach.

With Veterans' Day soon approaching, it's a great time to think of sending thanks to those who serve for us.

"It's really a way for you as an individual to impact someone else. It's one of those very small things. It's that random act of kindness. We hear over and over again from people who've received these kinds of greeting cards...what a difference it makes," said Tammy Lee, Executive Director of the Northwest Iowa Red Cross.

The Holiday Mail for Heroes campaign runs until December 6th. If you would like to send a letter of your own you can address your envelope to:

Holiday Mail for Heroes

P-O Box 5456

Capitol Heights, Maryland 20791.