Red Cross Offers New Flood Alert App

The Red Cross has released a new app that could help save lives.

Their new Flood Alert app for Androids and iPhones has been rolled out, just in time for National Flood Safety Awareness week. It's designed to give users instant access to local, real-time information. It also lets you know what to do before, during, or after a flood occurs.

It gives audible warnings from NOAA to users even if the app is closed. Some other key features include a tool kit of flashlights, strobe lights, and alarms using the phone's system.

It also has an option for a one-touch "I'm Safe" mass message via text or social media.

"Whether it is snow melt or heavy rainfall, you can find yourself in a flood situation, even if you're not in an active riverbed. So it is the kind of thing where people need to pay attention and give some thought to it," said Siouxland Red Cross Executive Director Tammy Lee.

This is the latest app to be created by the Red Cross, joining others such as first aid, tornado, and hurricane alerts.