Remsen Community Celebrates Lent With Service to Others

Christians around the world are preparing for Easter and the folks in one Siouxland town area putting their faith into action.

Siouxland News Reporter Beairshelle Edmé learned how service is uniting Iowa and Honduras.

The Remsen community wanted to take an extra step to help reflect on their faith and prepare for Easter.

In collaboration with the "Then Just Feed One" organization, a local couple decided to make a difference by the pound, with food for families suffering from poverty.

In one day, thE community, from pre-schoolers to grandparents, banded together and because of it, they're sending 125,000 meals to families in Honduras.

"We got involved because it's a community effort and ultimately it's feeding God's children, the hungry people of the world that really some days don't have a meal and coming from Remsen we can do it as community," said Co-Chair Tom Kocker.

Many parents also took the event as a chance to teach their little ones a greater message.

"First of all, they're learning to donate, give up their time and talent; they're learning measurement; they're learning the importance of working on an assembly line and just working together to achieve a common goal," said fellow Co-Chair Sheila Kocker.

The meals will be packed and trucked over to Le Mars, where they will be processed and shipped to Honduras as fellow Christians around the world celebrate Easter.

If you'd like to be involved with the food mobile- packing organization, there are several events taking place this month.

On April 16th, Kuemper Catholic in Carroll, IA will be holding its own packing event and St. Mary's in Storm Lake, IA will be the host on April 23rd.

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