Residents Outside Correctionville, Iowa, Clean Up After Tornado

(CORRECTIONVILLE, IA) It's day three in the long process of cleaning up after Friday's tornadoes. Fortunately there were no deaths but quite a mess has been left - a lot of devastation.

The tornado left a clear path in the flattened corn fields along highway 20. Some folks are worried they won't be able to harvest those fields but even with that aside these people lost their homes and their personal belongings but they didn't lose their lives and that is what they are most thankful for.

Patty and Buddy Herbold are no stranger to tragedy. They lost their daughter 10 years ago in a snowmobile accident. After that, they swore by the saying "One day at a time." It's that phrase that is getting them through all of this.

"This is nothing and it is, its just stuff. We can live through anything, that was the worst, losing Lauren," said Patty Herbold.

Even still, the tornado that destroyed their home, was one of the scariest things the Herbolds have ever experienced.

Patty, Buddy and their dog hid under the stairs in a storage closet during the tornado. When they came out, they found half of their house was gone.

"You're shocked. You're in a shock I think because you just, it's not what you expect, you think oh it will be okay this doesn't happen to us," said Herbold.

Along that same path of destruction - Marie, the Herbold's next door neighbor, whose house was completely destroyed. Luckily Marie was not home.
Just before 7 o'clock she went into Correctionville with some friends for dinner. Before she left she prayed to god asking him to keep her safe. She says her prayers we're answered.

"I just thought thank god for keeping me safe. He did exactly what I asked him," said Benedix.

The same can't be said for the material things. The barn was completely demolished and giant trees were snapped in half.

Marie's car was parked on a concrete slab before the tornado hit but once the tornado ripped through the nearby cornfields, it ended up just a couple feet away. All the windows were smashed in, a side view mirror was ripped off and the trunk is jammed shut.

But one thing is for certain - they all made it through this deadly tornado safe and sound.

"I love being out here. I love this place. The house was very comfortable but not as comfortable as the love of god who keeps me warm and safe the house is just a house," said Benedix.

"Bud said, I'm glad it hit us not the town, like Oklahoma, what they went through, we're a few here and there. Its not a whole town of people," said Herbold.

Both Marie and Patty said the response from neighbors and the people of Correctionville has been outstanding. Patty said more than 100 cars we're parked in their driveway Friday night shortly after the tornado hit.