River-Cade Announces RiverFest Concert Lineup

Summer is right around the corner, and with it comes plenty of fun events here in Siouxland. The River-Cade festival is one of the biggest, and today the artists were announced for the concert event known as "RiverFest."The concert is the three day event, spanning from Friday, July 18th to Sunday, July 20th. The River-Cade festival is a longtime Siouxland tradition and provides a great chance to enjoy the weather and the Missouri River."Today's announcement brought plenty of people out to the WinnaVegas Casino Resort to catch the big news. "It started as a celebration with us being on the Missouri River, and that's still what we celebrate by bringing quality entertainment and a lot of different family fun activities throughout the year and especially with River-Cade week," said River-Cade Commodore Phil Claeys.This is the 51st year of River-Cade, and now we know the main headliners for the RiverFest concert.Big names like Trace Adkins and Foreigner make the event even more exciting for those involved. "I think like everything else ya know, it's just another great opportunity to hear great music outdoors during the summertime. It's just a wonderful music event as well as a really fun thing to do," said Claeys.Tickets for individual nights are very affordable, which is partly responsible for the concert's success. "Typically they're within the $30-40 range, I think it depends on who's playing and a few different factors, but they're very affordable," said Claeys.The other two acts for July 18th will be announced soon. Tickets for RiverFest go on sale next week at the WinnaVegas Box Office. Package deals are available for those interested in staying at the resort.People of all different ages are encouraged to come out and enjoy themselves.