Rock Stars Climbing Team Holds Open House

It's not the most common team kids think of joining, but rock climbing has been rapidly gaining popularity across the country.

In Sioux City, the Long Lines Family Rec Center has had a climbing wall for nearly a decade. In recent years, it's become host to the Rock Stars Climbing Team: a group of kids aged 9 to 17 who travel across the country competing with other kids who climb these walls.

There was an open house Thursday night for kids to come and test their skills, and join the team if they're interested.

There are several benefits to participating.

"It takes a lot more than you'd think. You're using almost every part of your body. And the social aspect... You're going to different cities, you're meeting different groups of people. The Rock Star team is made for 9 to 17 year olds... so you're going to competitions and meeting people the same age," said Recreation Supervisor Nick Griffith.

There is a $100 fee for the season, which runs from February through May and includes shoe and wall rentals throughout the season.