Mitt Romney Rallies Orange City Voters

On Friday, Mitt Romney made his first stop in Iowa since being named the Republican Presidential Nominee.

"Thank you very much, what a welcome," said Romney. "Iowa knows how to do it right."

The Former Massachusetts Governor greeted a crowd of over 1,000 at Northwestern College in Orange City, giving his pitch for President.

"One thing I can assure you is that if I'm President of the United States I will stop this divisiveness," said Romney. "And I will do everything in my power to unite the American people."

The visit was represented the opportunity of a lifetime for a mostly college age crowd.

"It just seemed like such an unbelievable thing that a presidential candidate would come to our school and speak to us," said Northwestern College Junior Ian Mozeleski.

"This is my first time voting," said Northwestern College Freshman Megan Fuchser. "So it gets me excited learning about who he is and what he stands for."

The Presidential hopeful laid out his plans, if elected.

He promises cuts in spending, continuing to work for small business, and a pursuit of American energy independence.

"It also means taking advantage of that pipeline from Canada," said Romney. "Getting that oil out from Canada, the Keystone Pipeline."

Plans to get the American economy back on track, all the while pointing out why he doesn't think President Obama deserves to get another term as commander-in-chief.

"This President tried but he didn't understand what it takes to make our economy work, I do," said Romney. "I will use that experience to get Americans to work again."