Salvation Army Needs More Coats for Kids

(SIOUX CITY, IA) With just days until Christmas, the Salvation Army is working hard to make the holiday special for families around Sioux City. But employees say they have one wish of their own, for the weather to stay fairly warm. The Salvation Army says, the warm weather seems to have people in the giving spirit.

"We're really doing well, stuff is rolling in and next week it will be rolling out," says Major Von Vandiver, of the Salvation Army.

Rolling out into the hands of Sioux City families in need.

"So many of them are just so grateful that somebody cares about them, they know that they're not forgotten, and at the end of the day when we go home, we're really tired but we really feel like we've made a difference in peoples lives," Vandiver says.

That's because the Salvation Army has seen an increase in donations to its "Red Kettle" campaign in the last few weeks.

"We're about 55 percent of our goal, we have about $104,000 that we've collected so far, our goal is $185,500," says Vandiver.

And Vandiver says the warm weather is playing a big role in this year's success.

"We're several thousand dollars ahead of the same time last year and I think that's primarily due to the warm weather, shoppers are out, they're not standing on the sidewalk freezing," he says.

Many of the programs at the Salvation Army are doing even better than last year, except "Coats for Kids" and Major Vandiver says that could be due to the warm weather Sioux City's had over the last few weeks.

"Maybe folks have not had to open their closets to get their coat out, and they haven't seen those extra coats they need to give to 'Coats for Kids'," he says. "So I'm hopeful, in a way, that with the colder weather people may think about, oh I need to put that coat in a 'Coats for Kids' barrel and give that to somebody who can use it this winter."

So, do us a favor - check your closet for extra coats because there are kids in Siouxland who could use them. You can bring any new or gently used coat to the drop-off locations listed on this website.

Davenport Cleaners will clean the coats and then deliver them to the Salvation Army for distribution. It's an easy way to help someone in need during the holidays.