Salvation Army Rings In Holiday Season with Annual Red Kettle Donations

Now that the holiday season has officially started, you'll be hearing more bells on the corner and in front of retail stores.

The red kettles are out and about.

Bell ringers are singing the Christmas classics we all know and love and with the holiday about 3 weeks away, the Salvation Army is getting ready to help those in need during this season.

But it will need your help to do it.

The silver bells ring in the season every year.

It's been the inspiration behind Bing Crosby's Christmas hit, holiday movies but most importantly ordinary people doing the most good., a saying that the Salvation Army holds high.

That's why people like Edward Winfrey spend their time being a ringer.

"I'm doing it for others but I'm also doing it for myself. When I say 'God bless you to someone' and they bless me back, I really feel that. Sometimes, maybe two or three times in an hour, you just kind of rocks you, you know. I have people say God bless you more times to me in one day of ringing this bell then I do in the rest of the entire year," said Winfrey.

More than 8 decades since these bells started to ring on street corners, the Salvation Army continues to be a staple in community for the holiday season.

This year, organizers hope the spirit of Christmas will remind people to give back.

"I don't want anybody to feel like nobody cares that uh nobody knows they're alive or nobody cares what happens to them. I think it's important that people know that somebody cares about them. We think God loves them, that's the reason for Christmas, God's love and we want them to know that folks at the Salvation Army love them and care about them as well," said Major Von Vandiver with the Salvation Army of Siouxland.

In order for that to happen, it'll need more donations.

They've raised 8000 less than what's normal for this time of year.

It's also been a slow start to the coat drive.

With cold winter weather starting up, the demand is high but the donated coats aren't.

Despite these setbacks, Salvation Army is moving forward with plans to bring holiday joy and ringers like Edward trust that Siouxland will help those in need.

"Holiday season is very important it's an opportunity for people to rehearse and practice altruism, the spirit of giving and that's what Christmas is all about," said the bell ringer.

All the proceeds from red kettles will help build the annual fund for the Salvation Army.

About 800 food baskets and toys for kids will be donated from these funds.

If you'd like to make a personal donation you can visit

You can also register to become a bell ringer at the site as well.

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