Santa Comes Early for Kids at Crittenton's SSCDC

Santa has made a few early stops this year for all the good little boys and girls at the Stella Sanford Child Development Center.
When the holiday season begins, some parents struggle to get a gift under the tree for their little ones.

But at the Stella Sanford Center, every child is going home with at least one gift for the holiday. "You know for some families these might be the only gifts that they have and so we- we worked it out with the parents that we can get those to them without the children seeing. Some it's an addition to and the whole family talks about it and we talk about when were here and then they leave together with the gifts, " said Erika McWell, director of child development. About 400 families have been able to bring back home toys for the holiday and it's all been made possible through donations.
That spirit of giving and Christmas is something organizers hope these students can learn from. "We use the season as part of teaching the children of how we care for one another and as part of the community so it's a lot bigger than even just the holiday," said McWell. Teachers and faculty said it's this type of early childcare that gives their pre-schoolers and kindergartners a wholesome education.
This Christmas as these boys and girls play with their new Barbie or racecar, they hope their students will remember a vital lesson: the holiday isn't just about receiving gifts, it's also about giving the gift of joy and happiness.
If you're looking to give gifts to a family for the holiday season, you can still donate them to the Crittenton Center, which oversees the operation for the Stella Sanford Child Development Center and many others. For more information on that you can visit or call (712) 255-4321.
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