School Board Elections: Voting Center Locations

(SIOUX CITY, IA) Tuesday is a big day for School Board Candidates. That's because voters will be hitting the polls in an effort to elect 3 school board members.

But a few changes have been made to voting locations at least for smaller elections. They are no longer called "precincts" instead they are "voting centers" and there are 14 of them around the Sioux City area.

Most of Sioux City's schools will no longer be used as voting locations Woodbury County Auditor Pat Gill says most of the schools have been replaced by churches that have handicapped access.

"We found that churches make a pretty good polling place because they don't have a conflict on Tuesdays, most of the time, once in a while there may be a conflict with a funeral, most of the time they have good parking, they're accessible, ADA compliant and it just works out well for us," said Gill.

Unlike the general election, he says people can vote at any of the centers instead of having to cast their ballot at a site within their precinct. With absentee ballots, you can vote from the comfort of your own home - Gill says more than 1000 of those have come in so far for this election.

Here are the Voting Center locations:

Any eligible voter of the Sioux City Community School District may
vote in the September 10th, 2013 School Board Election by
requesting an absentee ballot or attending one of the fourteen listed
Vote Centers and casting your ballot in person on election day:

Cross Pointe Church 2300 W 19th St
Riverside Lutheran Church 1817 Riverside Blvd
Faith Lutheran Church 3101 Hamilton Blvd
First Congregational Church 4600 Hamilton Blvd
Peace Reformed Church 4100 Outer Drive North
Trimble United Methodist Church 1424 27th St
Calvary Lutheran Church 4400 Central St
Central Baptist Church 4001 Indian Hills Drive
Augustana Lutheran Church 600 Court St
Morningside Lutheran Church 700 S Martha St
Morningside Branch Library 4005 Morningside Ave
Washington Heights Chapel 2600 S St Mary's St
St. James United Methodist Church 2032 S Cypress St
Redeemer Lutheran Church 3204 S Lakeport St