Update: Search For Missing Boater Continues At Storm Lake

UPDATE: (STORM LAKE, IA) The search for a missing boater in Storm Lake has now turned into a recovery mission.

The 28-year-old was in a boat that capsized around 4 o'clock Thursday. 36-year-old Abel Almamza Troncoso was also in the boat and made it to shore safely after grabbing a life jacket.

Fierce winds made the search for 28-year-old Jaime Adan Jaime-Vazquez difficult.

"The wind also with the current affects the movement of the victim on the bottom of the lake cause there's still movement even on the top of the water, the bottom is also moving so this creates sort of a moving target so to speak to try and locate him and try to recover him," says Major Doug Simons, with the Buena Vista Sheriffs Office.

Vazquez was last seen after his boat capsized just off the shore line. Divers from Plymouth County, Sioux City, and Denison began their search late Thursday night and resumed early Friday morning.

Simons says wind was the likely reason Vazquez's boat flipped over in the first place with gusts clocking in at nearly 30 miles per hour Thursday. And officials say that's been one of many challenges.

"The lake's bottom is very unstructured with the recent dredging that's gone on. There are numerous trenches that have been dug because of the dredging operation that has left many valleys so to speak, it's the best way I can describe it so it's a little hard to tell because the bottom's not very flat," says Simons.

Officials pinpointed a small area, 100 to 150 ft wide and about 8 1/2 ft deep just off the shoreline south of King's Pointe Resort. But a search like this can take a long time because divers can only handle so much.

"It's a lot of work to keep yourself down, to search in total darkness. They're doing this totally by feel because you can not see 4 inches in front of your face and so they have to do this by feeling, feeling along the bottom trying to locate out victim," he says.

Simons says the other boater is doing okay and is mourning the loss of his friend.

Because of the high wind and rough water the dive teams have now ended their operation for the day but boats will still to be used to carry on the search.


Dive team search efforts have been suspended in looking for Jaime Adan Jaime-Vazquez. The 28-year-old has been missing since Thursday.

High winds and rough water conditions are the cause of the halt. Search boats will continue to look on the surface.

Jamie-Vazquez was from Ireton, Iowa. He and one other person were fishing near King's Pointe Resort on July 4th. He was not wearing a life jacket when the boat flipped around 4 PM. The other passenger was rescued right away.

The search had to be called off at around midnight Thursday because of high winds.

Siouxland News reporter Heather Leigh has been in Storm Lake all day and has the latest at 5.